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Harry’s Legend Review

Even the most expensive Harry Potter Blu-ray collection is sorely lacking in Famicom pirate carts. The Uninvited Gremlin helps to remedy this with his review of the bug-tastic Harry’s Legend.


Otocky Review

Celebrate Halloween with a game that has nothing to do with Halloween! Crade gives us this review of the excellent musical shooter Otocky.


Famicom FM

Here’s a science project to start off the new school year. 133MHz shows us how to tune-in to a Famicom using an FM radio! Just because someone else is using the TV doesn’t mean you can’t listen to some great Famicom tunes. Check it out!


Thunderbirds review are go!

How is your May going? Rainy? Sunny? How are the allergies? Do you see those meteors heading to Earth, too? Somebody should assemble the marionettes and do something! Luckily, Rob64 is at it again, this time with a review of the Famicom’s take on the 60’s classic Thunderbirds.


First Review of 2011

Spring is in the air here at Famicom World: green grass, blooming flowers, sun showers, and…Boogerman! Check out crade’s review of the pirate sequel Boogerman II: The Final Adventure!

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