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Everything about this cartridge I love. The label art, which is stolen from the Konami release, is spectacular. Art, even on legitimate carts, does not get much better than this. I don't know what the heck is up with that dog in the corner; that must be the pirate company's logo.

The other awesome thing about this cartridge is that it's translucent red. So, if you closely, you'll notice you can see inside at the pins and board. You'll hardly ever see pirates that are this nice. Most of the makers of these things chuck a board into some cheap plastic cart. Not so with this one.

Of course, it gets even better. Most of the time you'd find bad English on the back. But whomever made this cartridge label decided to circumvent the English and get their warnings message across with illustrations. The fourth warning should be taken very seriously.

And hell, I haven't yet mentioned that this has Goonies on it! Such an awesome game!

Expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $40 for a single-game pirate cart, depending on which game is on it. This one might get as much as $5 on eBay.




Goonies, The 
Platform Famicom
ID RC809 
Publisher Konami 
Release Date 02/21/1986 
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Pirates & Hacks

Pirate Cart
Pirate Cart

Don't feed this cartridge to crocodiles.
Don't feed this cartridge to crocodiles.