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There's nothing enthralling about a Goonies 2 pirate. In fact, I'd have little interest in writing about this one if it didn't have a neat connection to another pirate posted here at FW. That pirate is Rygar, and the similarity between the two is striking.

The casing and the label are exactly the same. The only differences between the two are the screenshots on the labels and the game on the board. What this shows is one company had an established enough enterprise that it was able to manufacture similar looking carts with high quality labels. Usually when you see pirates the first thing you notice is the broad mix in how they look. Not so for this company.

Expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $40 for a single-game pirate cart, depending on which game is on it. Goonies 2 would sell for a couple bucks on eBay.




Goonies 2: Fratelli Saigo no Chousen 
Platform Famicom
ID RC818 
Publisher Konami 
Release Date 03/18/1987 
Retail Price  
Current Value  
Saving Option  
NES NTSC The Goonies II 
NES PAL The Goonies II 

Pirates & Hacks

Bland Pirate Cart
Bland Pirate Cart