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Here's a really professional label that I just love! If I didn't know that "TV GAME" indicated a cartridge was a pirate, I'd be confused with the perfection of this authentic-looking cartridge. Damn, it's got the "NUG" formed into the plastic, it uses Japanese characters, and the picture is neat with a nice border -- not to forget these pirate dudes go the label on straight!

Alas, this is a pirate of Mach Rider. Yes, a one-game pirate. There is nothing unique about the game itself. It's just the label and the beautiful cartridge that are worth talking about. I want to point out one more thing about that label. The picture on it is one you should recognize; it's the same picture that appears on the Famicom console box.

Expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $40 for a single-game pirate cart, depending on which game is on it. This one would probably go for $3 on eBay. Let's just say I overpaid by a dollar -- but the money went to a gaming friend!




Mach Rider 
Platform Famicom
Publisher Nintendo 
Release Date 11/21/1985 
Retail Price ¥4900
Current Value  
Saving Option  
NES NTSC Mach Rider 
NES PAL Mach Rider 

Pirates & Hacks

Pirate cart with Famicom box art
Pirate cart with Famicom box art