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It's hard to find good games on a pirate cartridge. And often when you find a pirate with an awesome game on the label, the game isn't actually on the cartridge. Not true with all pirates, of course. What we have here is a rare pirate cartridge of Snow Bros., even a rare game in its official releases. It won't be often that you come across something like this, so when you do, snatch it up.

Pirates usually have very poor label art, as you can see from some of the other pirates on Famicom World. But this cartridge has one of the nicest looking labels I've ever seen. The image is a very high quality and actually relevant to the game on the cartridge. Usually, when a label is nice, what's pictured on the label has nothing to do with what's actually on the cart. This pirate, if not for the light weight and cheapness of the plastic casing, would almost pass as the real thing.

Snow Bros. is available on more than just the single cartridge. I have seen it once before on a multi-cart that I regret I didn't buy. The multi-cart was a 3 in 1 and had Snow Bros., Sonic the Hedgehog, and another game on it. Now that would be an awesome cartridge to own.

Expect to pay anywhere from $3 to $40 for single game carts. This cartridge would probably go for closer to $15 on eBay.




Snow Bros. 
Platform Famicom
Publisher Toaplan 
Release Date 12/06/1991 
Retail Price  
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NES NTSC Snow Brothers 
NES PAL Snow Brothers 

Pirates & Hacks

Pirate cart with mean snowman!
Pirate cart with mean snowman!

Pirate cart, cartoony
Pirate cart, cartoony

Pirate cart, modified US label art
Pirate cart, modified US label art