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The ASCII Stick L5 was made for single-hand use, with RPG gamers in mind. It was “devised using new innovations in form-fitting ergonomics for RPG players,” so says the ASCII manual. So, if you wanted to, you could hold the controller in your left hand and then use your right hand for reading maps, taking notes or, heck, punching your friend who’s sitting next to you.

As strange and yet appealing as this controller seems, if you think a bit, it doesn’t work too well. You really need two hands to read a book or make a map — unless you’re some sort of ninjitzu master!

On the technical side of things, the controller has the directional pad and Select and Start buttons on the front, and A and B on the rear; you use your index and middle fingers to press them. There was also a version of this controller for the Super Famicom.

Oh yeah, if your left-handed, good luck trying to use this!

The Start and Select buttons are on the top face.

Looks kind of cool, doesn't it? Well, good luck if you buy one!