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Spital’s Family Champ is a Famicom joystick. It’s red, black and white, taking after the Famicom, and it’s got the large balled stick shooting out of the middle, much like arcade machine joysticks…or heck, like a Tootsie lollipop.

The joystick connects to the front of the Famicom like most accessories. It’s got you’re A and B buttons and Turbo, plus the expected Start and Select. It’s winged design makes it easier to use than something like NES Advantage.

Family Champ is a rare controller, as is the case with most Famicom accessories. You shouldn’t expect a controller like this to sell for much, though, because it’s just a controller and most people don’t really know the difference between a rare controller and a common one.

Spital's Family Champ controller brings back arcade style.

Take a peek inside the box.

The back of the box shows two joysticks side by side.

The front of the controller's box.