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The Joyball Famicom controller was made by HAL Laboratory (the creators of Eggerland, or what we know as Adventures of Lolo). It’s simple; it’s just a big yellow ball that you push and rotate to move your character. The with A, B, Start and Select buttons are all on the top face.

The Joyball is surprisingly easy to work with, even when playing a platformer like Super Mario Bros. 3. Of course, it’s not as easy as the standard controller, but it’s a great alternative. The buttons are placed in convenient places. HAL knew what it was doing!

Like the NES Advantage, there’s a one- or two-players option on the controller. Unlike the Advantage, properly configuring the setting is the switch of one button.

The Joyball isn’t expensive, going for as low as $1.99 on auction sites! So, if you’re interested in this controller, get it.

The Joyball makes your palm sweaty.

The one- or two-player setting is indicated by arrows.