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The Famicom, where some say modern gaming originated, had more unique accessories than its sister (or brother) console, the NES. One example of this is Top-Rider, an inflatable motorbike made by Varie.

Top-Rider comes with the yellow and blue inflatable bike, white handlebars, and the Top-Rider racing game, plus some pegs.

Maybe unfortunately for Famicom collectors today, who have grown up, the Top-Rider motorbike is delicate. It was made for children, after all. Imagine 150 pounds of adult human sitting on top of it…not good. But I’ve heard that if you’re tall enough, you can kneel and still use Top Rider almost as it was meant to be used — and without popping it under your weight.

Top-Rider isn’t the most common of accessories out there, and because of how unique it is to Famicom gaming, you’ll likely pay a lot for it, especially complete and in good condition. Expect to see these selling for anywhere between $40 and $60, and if you’re looking for the ultra-rare special version of Top-Rider, expect to pay nearly $900.

Top-Rider is an dang interesting controller.

Some of the stuff that you've got to work with.

The inflatable bike when deflated.

The Top-Rider cartridge label.