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Before it made video games, Nintendo released a Duck Hunt shooting game utilizing a light gun. And before the NES Zapper light gun, Nintendo released its first official video game light gun called the Video Shooting Series light gun, fashioned like an old West revolver.

The Video Shoot Series light gun was standard for Nintendo’s light guns, but this revolver had one feature the Zapper did not. With a pull of the sliver trigger, the hammer that strikes the bullet in a real gun actually kicks back and then snaps into the nonexistent bullet inside with a bang. That’s a neat feature, and why Nintendo replaced it with the click of the Zapper trigger, no one will ever know for sure. Perhaps the revolver wasn’t as sturdy as a Zapper for that reason.

One of the cool accessories you could buy for this accessory is a holster. Nintendo sold the holster separate from the revolver, which makes the holster particularly rare.

This Nintendo light gun and the holster can be expensive items. The light gun in box will run between $30-50. The holster might run the same, but because its more rare and less known about, it could sell for cheap.

The original video game light gun released by Nintendo.

The front of a beat up light gun box.

How to connect your light gun.