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All 72 to 60 pins converters, including this HoneyBee, do the same thing; they convert your Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) 72-pins games to 60 pins, so you can play all your NES games on your Famicom. HoneyBee converters manufactured for NES-to-Famicom conversion were either gold or gray.

HoneyBee converters are by far the best quality and most sought after converters. The company survived the 8-bit era, making converters for 16-bit, so it’s safe to say that HoneyBee made a quality product.

Because the HoneyBee is considered to have a better quality of conversion than other converters, you can expect to not only have a hard time finding one, but also having to pay slightly more than you would for any other brand or generic converter.

HoneyBees vary in price from $15 to $50.

This HoneyBee is gold, as opposed to gray.