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The Konami Q Famicom Adaptor is an accessory converter that attaches to the pins of the Famicom. It allows gamers to play special cartridges Konami and NHK made for the Famicom.

It’s unknown why Konami made the Q carts different, requiring the use of the Q converter instead of just using standard Famicom carts.

Konami’s Q had a least two games for it. Space School and Space University are the only games known to exist for the converter. The games seem to be educational and may have been used as a teaching tool.

The carts are square with a hole at the bottom where the pins of the cart connect to the pins of the converter. The unique shape of the Q cart does not allow it to be directly inserted into the Famicom.

Konami Q is very rare and usually sells in the hundreds. Though it’s unclear why Konami released such an adaptor, it’s would be a neat item to play around with should you ever come across one.

The box for the Konami Q Famicom Adaptor.

Konami and NHK collaborated to make the adaptor.

There weren't many games made for the adaptor.

Why did Konami make Q carts different from standard carts?