Famicom World


Not to be confused with the magazine of the same name, the Nintendo Power Famicom converter (60 to 72 pins) is quite the catch. Packed in a dark turquoise case and having a red, white and blue ribbon, it’s perfectly marketed for the States.

What’s strange is that there’s only one screw holding the entire thing together, but it seems either the manufacturer or a previous owner glued the edges together to keep both sides intact.

Apparently, the quality control responsible for the warning labels became smart here; they removed the two “realistic” hazards that normally accompany the two pictures shown on this case, that is, melting the entire cart with a match and feeding the damn thing to a crocodile.

Unfortunately, the converter doesn’t seem to work right with NTSC front-loader NES consoles; it produces scrambled screens, but seems to work fine on a top-loader. It costs around $11.

Nintendo Power: Made in Japan.

Red, White and Blue.

Caution: Nothing about fire.