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The SY-700 Cartridge Adaptor converts NES games for use on the Famicom. That makes it a 72-to-60-pins converter. This is one of the few gray colored casings you’ll find for a converter.

The crappy thing about this particular converter is that it was made specifically for use with the SY-700 Famiclone, which means you can’t use it with another system — sort of. The “lockout” making this converter useless is on the outer plastic molding. It’s got two small lines bumped out from the smooth surface that block you from using it in a system that doesn’t have corresponding indentions in the cartridge mouth of the system. But, if you remove the converter from the plastic case, you’re good to go.

This is about the most generic adaptor you can find on the market. Something like this will sell for just over $10. It ain’t a HoneyBee.

This is most generic adaptor you can find.