Famicom World


Nintendo and Sharp had a close relationship back in the days of 8-bit gaming. In the world of Famicom, Sharp is best known for creating the Twin Famicom, a single console that had both cart and disk ports. A little less know, but still highly sought after item, is the Sharp C1, a combination TV and Famicom.

The C1 came with a Famicom built into its base, and unlike the Famicom and Twin Famicom, it had a controller you could plug into the base. Just like its NES counterpart, 19SC111, the C1 wasn’t a very popular item. But unlike the NES version, the C1 sells for a lot more money today. An unboxed C1 with the original controller can sell for as much as $300 with a busted screen and up to $800 fully functional.

The C1 has the Famicom port at the bottom of the TV, which wouldn’t allow for the use of the Disk System without some clever adjustments to the FDS’s RAM adaptor. The Sharp C1 controller plugged in next to the cartridge slot in a port unique from the Famicom and NES. You can find C1’s in both red and sort of a tan-gray-silver.

Sharp packaged with the C1 the only licensed multicart made for the Famicom: the Donkey Kong 2 in 1. The two games were Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong Jr. Math. For whatever reason, the 2 in 1 cartridge isn’t as rare as the C1 itself, selling for about $30.

The Sharp C1 is hard to find with its original controller.

The silver Sharp C1 controller.