Famicom World


Nintendo Co., Ltd., used FMC product codes to catalogue the Disk System items it produced, including systems, disks, and more. “FMC” presumably stands for FaMily Computer. The number of different codes are unknown, but they include numbers and letters and can be a length of six, seven, and nine characters. Most of them begin “FMC-860” or “FMC-861” and then have three numbers that follow unique to each item.

Nintendo also used “FSC” for certain Disk System items, which are also listed below. Those items tend to start with “FSC-870” and then have three numbers following it.

(Note that Nintendo used the “HVC,” or Home Video Computer, designation for non-Disk System products.)

Below is an incomplete list that will be updated as we discover more codes:


FMC-HCS = Head Cleaning System
FMC-CCS = Card Cleaner System
FMC-860107 = Famicom Power Button Leaflet
FMC-860108-100 = Disk System Manual
FMC-860221 = Zelda no Densetsu Handbill
FMC-860407 = Super Mario Bros. 2 Handbill
FMC-860509 = Head Cleaning / Card Cleaner Leaflet
FMC-860721 = Volleyball Handbill
FMC-860806 = Metroid Handbill
FMC-861021 = Pro Wrestling Handbill
FSC-870515 = Golf Tournament US Course Handbill



FMC-BAG = Backgammon
FMC-BAS = Baseball
FMC-CLD = Clu Clu Land: Welcome to Clu Clu Land
FMC-DKD = Donkey Kong
FMC-JRD = Donkey Kong Jr.
FMC-ON1 = Famicom Mukashi Banashi Shin Onigashima Kouhen
FMC-ON2 = Famicom Mukashi Banashi Shin Onigashima Zenpen
FMC-UU1 = Famicom Mukashi Banashi Yuuyuuki Kouhen
FMC-UU2 = Famicom Mukashi Banashi Yuuyuuki Zenpen
FMC-TC1 = Famicom Tanteikurabu: Kieta Koukeisha Kouhen
FMC-TC2 = Famicom Tanteikurabu: Kieta Koukeisha Zenpen
FMC-TC3 = Famicom Tanteikurabu II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo
FMC-TC4 = Famicom Tanteikurabu II: Ushiro ni Tatsu Shoujo
FMC-GLF = Golf
FMC-PTM = Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami
FMC-ICD = Ice Climber
FMC-ICE = Ice Hockey
FMC-KMV = Knight Move
FMC-LNK = The Legend of Zelda 2: Link no Bouken
FMC-MJA = Mahjong
FMC-MET = Metroid
FMC-NMJ = Nazo no Murasamejou
FMC- PRO = Pro Wrestling
FMC-PPN = Smash Ping Pong
FMC-SCC = Soccer
FMC-SMA = Super Mario Bros.
FMC-SMB = Super Mario Bros. 2
FMC-TEN = Tennis
FMC-TT1 = Time Twist (Kouhen)
FMC-TT2 = Time Twist (Zenpen)
FMC-VBW = Volleyball
FMC-EBD = Vs. Excitebike
FMC-ZEL = Zelda no Densetsu: The Hyrule Fantasy


FMC-FRGE = Famicom Grand Prix: F1 Race
FMC-TDRE = Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally
FMC-GFJE = Golf: Japan Course
FMC-GSJE = Golf: Japan Course (prize card)
FMC-JFUE = Golf: US Course
FMC-JSUE = Golf: US Course (prize card)
FMC-THSE = Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School