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Nintendo Co., Ltd., used a series of HVC product codes to catalogue what Family Computer items it produced, including systems, cartridges, and more. “HVC” stands for Home Video Computer. The number of different codes are unknown, but they include numbers and letters and can be a length of five, six, eight or 10 characters. There is some speculation out there suggesting some of the number codes between 001 and 100 were never used. Also, some of the products had more than one code, which were usually a number code and a letter code, and sometimes a mixture of both in one code.

(Note that Nintendo officially released Famicom products in Hong Kong. The codes on those products were the same but with “HKG” added to the end of each code (such as HVC-001HKG). Also note that not all of Nintendo’s codes began with “HVC.” For anything related to the Disk System, almost all of the codes began with “FMC.”)

Below is an incomplete list that will be updated as we discover more codes:


HVC-001 = Family Computer
HVC-002 = AC Adaptor
HVC-003 = RF Switch
HVC-004 = 75/300 OHM Converter
HVC-005 = Video Shooting Series Light Gun
HVC-006 = Video Shooting Series Light Gun Holster
HVC-007 = Family Basic Keyboard
HVC-008 = Data Recorder
HVC-009 = Spyborg (unreleased) (?)
HVC-012 = R.O.B. Robot
HVC-021 = Disk Card
HVC-022 = Disk System
HVC-023 = Disk System RAM Adaptor
HVC-025 = Disk System AC Adaptor
HVC-026 = RF Extension Cord
HVC-027 = Card Cleaner
HVC-028 = Card Cleaner Cartridge
HVC-029 = Head Cleaning Spray
HVC-030 = Head Cleaning Card
HVC-031 = 3D System Scope
HVC-032 = 3D System Adaptor
HVC-050 = Network System
HVC-051 = Network Controller
HVC-053 = Modulator Cable
HVC-054 = Telephone Switch
HVC-101 = AV Family Computer
HVC-102 = Controller
HVC-103 = RF Modulator
HVC-BS = Family Basic Keyboard
HVC-3DS = 3D System
HVC-BLS = R.O.B. Stack Up Blocks
HVC-GYS = R.O.B. Gyromite
HVC-FCNS-A01 = Network System


HVC-2I = Fire Emblem Gaiden
HVC-BA = Baseball
HVC-BF = Balloon Fight
HVC-CA = Donkey Kong Jr. Math
HVC-CI = Yoshi’s Cookie
HVC-CL = Clu Clu Land
HVC-DD = Devil World
HVC-DH = Duck Hunt
HVC-DK = Donkey Kong
HVC-DO = Doreamon
HVC-DT = Donkey Kong 3
HVC-EB = Excitebike
HVC-EN = Popeye no Eigo Asobi
HVC-FJ = 4 Nin Uchi Mah-Jong
HVC-FR = F-1 Race
HVC-FW = Famicom Wars
HVC-GF = Golf
HVC-GO = Gomokunarabe
HVC-GT = Ginga no Sannin
HVC-GY = Gyromite
HVC-HA = Hogan’s Alley
HVC-IC = Ice Climber
HVC-JM = Joy Mech Fight
HVC-JR = Donkey Kong Jr.
HVC-KI = Hoshi no Kirby
HVC-MA = Mario Bros.
HVC-MJ = Mah-Jong
HVC-MR = Mach Rider
HVC-MT = Super Mario USA
HVC-MX = Mother
HVC-PN = Pinball
HVC-PP = Popeye
HVC-PT = Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!
HVC-PT-S = Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Special
HVC-SC = Soccer
HVC-SM = Super Mario Bros.
HVC-SX = Spartan X
HVC-TE = Tennis
HVC-TR = Tetris Flash
HVC-UC = Urban Champion
HVC-UG = Mario Open Golf
HVC-UM = Super Mario Bros. 3
HVC-UW = Wario’s Woods
HVC-V3 = Bikkuriman World – Gekitou Sei Senshi
HVC-VT = Family Basic V3
HVC-VU = Dr. Mario
HVC-WG = Wild Gunman
HVC-WR = Wrecking Crew
HVC-YO = Yoshi no Tamago
HVC-YT = Yakuman Tengoku: Shin 4-Jin Uchi Mahjong
HVC-ZL = Legend of Zelda


HVC-CPU = Famicom CPU Board
HVC-CPU-05 = Famicom CPU Board Version 5
HVC-CPU-06 = Famicom CPU Board Version 6
HVC-CPU-07 = Famicom CPU Board Version 7
HVC-CPU-GPM-02 = Famicom CPU Board Version 02
HVC-FMR-01 = Disk System CPU Board Version 1
HVC-NROM = Game Board
HVC-NROM-02 = Game Board Version 2
HVC-SKEPROM = mmc1 Proto Board
HVC-TKEPROM = mmc3 Proto Board
HVC-TK22EPROM-01 = Double Dragon II Proto Board