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Usually the Famicom Disk System box is two parts: styrofoam that holds the Disk System and a cardboard lid that fits on top of the styrofoam. But the side-opening FDS box is different. The styrofoam is entirely encased by cardboard. The box opens at the side.

The likely reason for the change in style is money. The box below requires a top lid of styrofoam and a bottom side of cardboard. The more typical FDS box doesn’t require those things. That saves money.

More often than not — unless a seller has swapped around FDS’s — you’ll find the original version of the Disk System in a side-opening box. The original Disk System has a smooth case and less effective lockout, if you care to use your FDS to write disks.

This FDS box opens at the side.

The styrofoam containing the Disk System slides out.