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During the Famicom’s experimental years of the mid- to late 1980s, when Nintendo Co., Ltd., released the Disk System and was pushing it into the Japanese gaming market, along came companies seeking to profit from the conveniences of the new system. The Disk System didn’t have any advanced lockout features and the disks were easy to manufacture and write.

Nintendo licensed games for use with the Disk System, but as might be expected, wasn’t willing to license games with explicit sexual content. A number of unlicensed porn games were released for the Disk System, from such companies as Big Wave, Hacker International, Indies Soft, Mimi Pro, Phoenix, Super Pig and Wild.

Hacker International is best know for its cartridge games, three of which were published by Panesian for the NES, but also for Alien Battle, considered the nastiest Disk System porn game — with graphic intergalactic sex scenes, it far surpasses the indecency of any other porn game. Hacker International released at least 12 games for the Disk System, one of which was co-released with Super Pig and helping others, like Mimi Pro, publish games.

Mimi did well for itself, releasing two series of porn games totaling 11 games, but its games remain unpopular and largely unknown to English-speaking gamers. Mimi’s released centered around simple games, like climbing ladders — think Burger Time.

Phoenix is unknown to most gamers, too, because it didn’t release but a couple unlicensed titles. There’s also the mysterious Sezon, which played some role in developing or publishing unlicensed games and is often on game lists as having released at least two games. Not much is known about them, and FW has yet to see any of Sezon’s games for sale anywhere.

So, having introduced you to the rest of the porn game publishers, we’re left with the “computer magic” of Super Pig, a company that produced porn games that go as largely unrecognized as those by Mimi and Phoenix.

Super Pig wasn’t a company of creative genius when it came to game development, but was active in the 1980s producing spin-offs of popular games. For instance, Sexy Invaders is a spin-off of Space Invaders.

Super Pig, however, provided more than just games. It gave us the best hentai game title, because of its wordplay: Bishoujo Sexy Slot, your average slot machine game but with the most elegant female sprite in any game, showing a young woman dressed in pink, leaping in the air.

The company also developed a horse racing game called Bishoujo Sexy Derby. In the game your jockey is either one of three sexy girls or the Super Pig mascot himself. Or you can play “Rock, Paper, Scissors” in Emi-chan no Moero Yakyuuken, or Emi’s Hot Strip Game — which was later taken by Taiwanese developer Hwang Shinwei when he developed the cart version often called “Wildball.”

Besides its games, Super Pig is special to the disk era because of its self-promotion. The company’s mascot, Super Pig, was a high-flying superhero pig complete with cape. And while Super Pig only released disks, they did so creatively, which didn’t happen often witht the Famicom. Instead of only boxes or the standard clear plastic disk case, some of Super Pig’s games come in what look like mini music record sleeves. Instead of the disk sliding into the sleeve like a record would, the sleeve opens like a book and the disk is secured by a cut in the sleeve. Most of the unlicensed porn titles come in unique cases, usually something similar to VHS cases. Super Pig used those types of cases as well. Presumably, these companies wanted to use VHS-like cases because they were marketing their product alongside VHS pornography.

Super Pig also had wonderful art on their sleeves and boxes. The art is explicit in some cases, but wasn’t always, as is true of Emi, below, from Emi-chan no Moero Yakyuuken.

Often in the gaming community, Super Pig isn’t given credit for its own games, when gamers and collectors confuse Super Pig’s quality games with Hacker International’s games. That’s hogwash. Give the pig the recognition it deserves.

The greatest mascot -- Super Pig!

Art from Super Pig's Aki to Tsukasa no Fushigi no Kabe.

Probably Super Pig's most explicit artwork.