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...and other rarities

In the United States, Nintendo Entertainment System collectors often drool over two carts. Those carts, some colored gray and some gold, contain the three-part competition gameplay used during the 1990 Nintendo World Championships (NWC). The gray NWC carts are believed to potentially exist in the several hundreds, having been given out to winning gamers at competitions around the country. The gray carts were actually used during competition. The more rare gold NWC carts were given to gamers through a raffle in Nintendo Power magazine. The gold carts, though exactly like the gray carts, except in color and label design, number around 50.

Prior to the Nintendo World Championships, however, Nintendo already had held similar competitions in Japan.


Holy Grails - An Introduction

In fact, Nintendo held four such competitions, and by the end of each of those four competitions, the company awarded to winning gamers all of the over 50,000 prizes available.

Holy Grails - Box and Disk-kun

Below are the white box and Disk-kun case given out by Nintendo with four of the five tournament prizes.

Holy Grails - Golf Japan

The first tournament prize was the gold Golf Japan prize card (FSC-GSJE) and Disk-kun case, white box, and letter.

Holy Grails - Golf US

The second tournament prize was the gold Golf US prize card (FSC-GSUE) and Disk-kun case, white box, and letter.

Holy Grails - Punch-Out!! Special

The gold Punch-Out!! Special (HVC-PT-S), box, and manual were given away as a prize for the Nintendo Famicom Golf US competition.

Holy Grails - Game & Watch

The third tournament prize was the Game & Watch Super Mario Bros. (YM-901-S), Disk-kun case, white box, and paperwork.

Holy Grails - Stationary Set

The fourth tournament prize was the official Nintendo stationery set, Disk-kun case, white box, and letter.

Holy Grails - Nakayama Miho VHS

This may be what the fifth event was all about: getting that phone number and then the prize.

Holy Grails - All Night Nippon SMB

All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros. was given out by the Japanese radio station All Night Nippon as a part of a raffle.

Holy Grails - Recca

Recca: Summer Carnival '92 was given out in limited quantities at, yes, Summer Carnival '92 in Japan.

Holy Grails - Other Prizes

Here are a couple of other prizes that show up on auction sites every now and again.