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The first tournament prize was the gold Golf Japan prize card (FSC-GSJE) and Disk-kun case, white box, and letter. The number released to the public is likely 10,000 — though that number has not been confirmed.

The top winner (and perhaps up to 100 top winners) of this tournament received a gold prize card inside a special square wooden case, which opened like a book, much unlike the Disk-kun case.

The Letter

The letter reads:

Famicom Golf Tournament Japan Course

Congratulations. You won a prize.

Thank you very much for participating in the Nintendo Famicom Golf Tournament Japan Course. In an impartial drawing from the many applications we received, (we are glad to say that) you are among the winners. We send you an Original Golf Course Golden Disk Card. Have fun with it.

Furthermore, the next Tournament US Course will be held from 14 June to August 31, 1988. Please take part again.

May 1987
Nintendo Corporation


Golf Japan's Side A.

Golf Japan's Side B.

Golf Japan title screen

Golf Japan teaser screen

Golf Japan menu

Golf Japan in-game

The letter that accompanies Golf Japan.

Golf Japan Player's Guide.

Golf Japan Player's Guide.

Golf Japan challenge title screen

Golf Japan challenge menu

Golf Japan challenge in-game

Golf Japan challenge scorecard