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The second tournament prize was the gold Golf US prize card (FSC-GSUE) and Disk-kun case, white box, and letter. The number given out to the gamers was 10,000.

The top 100 winners of this tournament received a gold prize card inside a special square wooden case, which opened like a book, having the prize card on the right and a one-of-a-kind gold booklet on the left. The name of each winner was inscribed on the front.

Those who placed 101 through 500 just got the gold disk, with no case. The remaining 4,600 prizes were given out by raffle: 1,000 drawn from those who placed between 501-3,000, 1,000 drawn from between 3,001-10,000, and 600 drawn from all scores that ended with a 2 or a 6.


Golf US's Side A.

Golf US's Side B.

Title screen

Phone numbers

A game of golf.

In-game scoreboard.

Golf US Player's Guide.

Golf Japan Tournament's top winner!

Golf US (disk)

Title screen

Information screen

Another game of golf!

Another in-game scoreboard.