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Smash Ping Pong, developed and published by Nintendo, is the first time in a game — we think — that Disk-kun appears in any game. Disk-kun is playing ping pong during the short intro to the game, gets hit by a ball and falls over. The Smash Ping Pong prototype is likely the first time Disk-kun was every made as a sprite.

This prototype disk is nothing special. It’s the same white disk as expected. The only difference between this prototype and others is that it’s got an unusual Side A label. Most of the labels on prototypes we’ve seen are like the Side B label.

Nintendo prototypes would likely sell for more than most other prototypes, just because it’s Nintendo. This Smash Ping Pong proto looks a little bit dirty, almost like someone spilled a brown liquid on it.

An unusual Side A label.

The standard Side B label.