Famicom World


Some company, maybe Nintendo, developed the following game for the Famicom Disk System, a turn-based RPG.

It was never released, and it was never given a name, at least according to one auction. The label, however, titles the disk “Development Disk Card, Vol. 0” — but that’s what all of the development disk labels say.

All Disk System protos came in white disks like what you see to the right. Nintendo, of course, made three disk colors: yellow (most common), blue (fax games) and white (protos). There’s been some rumor of a pink test disk, but that’s unconfirmed.

Notice in the screenshots below, taken from the auction, that their quality suggests a dump of this game exists, at least in Japan. Not much more is known about the game other than what’s here. We’ve never seen the title screen, if it has one.

This game has shown up in more than one auction, maybe the same disk or maybe two disks. This proto sold on Yahoo! Japan auctions for just under $500 bucks. For an unreleased proto from the 8-bit era, that’s not a bad price.

Disk protos come on white disks.

Another copy of the game.

A screenshot from a TV.