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It’s recommended that you use the original Japanese power adaptor that came with the Famicom, Disk System or accessories when playing in the United States or Canada. To do so will require a step-down converter.

The Sharp Twin Famicom power adaptor has the following specs:

50/60Hz 21VA
DC7.6V 1.25A
– —— C——- +

The Twin Famicom power adaptor is equipped with the same prongs, and nearly the same input voltage (AC 100V) as power adaptors used in the United States and Canada. The proper output voltage is DC 7.6V, 1.25A.

Never use an NES power adaptor with your Twin Famicom. Most adaptors transform the electricity from AC to DC. The NES adaptor takes the input voltage down but still puts out AC, which is potentially harmful to your Twin Famicom.

To prevent from overheating and damaging your Twin Famicom, it’s highly recommended that you use a step-down converter. Japanese electrical outlets output 100V, which is what the Twin Famicom power adaptor is made to input. United States and Canadian electrical outlets output 120V. Step-down converters that will convert the electrical outlet output to 100V are available online and in stores.