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Famicase 2019 Exhibition

famicase 2019

The 2019 edition of the annual Famicase exhibition is now open.  The exhibition features Famicom cartridges with label art for fake games.  The 2019 entries are not yet archived on their website, but many entries can be found on social media.


Strider Hiryu Prototype ROM Released

A flaring crimson flame
is the color of their eyes.
They take down all in their path,
leaving it smoldering in their wake.

A ROM of the Strider Hiryu prototype has been released by Nintendo Age user Arasoi. Joestar, of Game Club 199X fame, tipped us off to the release by posting a link to a video of his playthrough on our forums. The prototype is pretty buggy (moreso than the NES release), but it’s always good to see another Famicom prototype get released!

For those who just want the details about what’s different in the prototype, check out Chris Covell’s great comparison article. Some of the big differences are karaoke lyrics for the game’s intro music (!), an increased difficulty due to less health and item drops, graphics glitches galore, and, as of  now, no known way of seeing the ending after defeating the final boss.

If you want to see all of the differences in action, be sure to watch Joestar’s playthrough.


Famicase 2014 Exhibition


The annual Famicase Exhibition is now on display!  Famicase is a gallery of self-made labels for fake Famicom games.  Each year, the Japanese game store Meteor shows off the designs in their store.  They also place the designs online for easy viewing.  Go check them out, and maybe enter your own design next year!


Monster World Prototype


A copy of the rare Famicom prototype “Parody World: Monster Party” recently sold on eBay from seller tsunami.video.games, who found the rare gem in a dusty old box of kusoge.  The listing ended at an impressive £2,050.00.

This is only the second known copy of this game for the Famicom.  While it did see an official release in the US (as simply “Monster Party”), the version was heavily censored due to copyright concerns.  Auction winner BeaglePuss mentions in a Nintendo Age thread that “I have no doubt at this point that the game went unreleased due to copy write infringement and no other reason. Every boss in the game is recognizable from your favorite 80’s films.”  User MrMark0673, who had access to BeaglePuss’s newly acquired rarity, did a playthrough of the game and notes, “the copyright issues are epic throughout this one. There is on average one slam dunk law suit per level.”

Unlike the owner of the first known copy of the prototype, who chose to divulge very little information about the game, BeaglePuss plans on selling reproductions copies of the game in NES and, as long as manufacturing details can be worked out, Famicom forms.


Game & Graphics Pulse Line Cart Gallery


The video game graphic design blog Game & Graphics recently posted a gallery of pulse line carts and boxes.  The consistency of the label designs and the spectrum of cartridge colors makes the pulse line carts very photogenic. Check out their site for more photos and graphics.


Harry’s Legend Review

Even the most expensive Harry Potter Blu-ray collection is sorely lacking in Famicom pirate carts. The Uninvited Gremlin helps to remedy this with his review of the bug-tastic Harry’s Legend.


Otocky Review

Celebrate Halloween with a game that has nothing to do with Halloween! Crade gives us this review of the excellent musical shooter Otocky.


Famicom FM

Here’s a science project to start off the new school year. 133MHz shows us how to tune-in to a Famicom using an FM radio! Just because someone else is using the TV doesn’t mean you can’t listen to some great Famicom tunes. Check it out!


Thunderbirds review are go!

How is your May going? Rainy? Sunny? How are the allergies? Do you see those meteors heading to Earth, too? Somebody should assemble the marionettes and do something! Luckily, Rob64 is at it again, this time with a review of the Famicom’s take on the 60’s classic Thunderbirds.


First Review of 2011

Spring is in the air here at Famicom World: green grass, blooming flowers, sun showers, and…Boogerman! Check out crade’s review of the pirate sequel Boogerman II: The Final Adventure!

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