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Konami Q太 Adapter Update


The Famicom World article on the Konami Q太 Adapter has been updated.  Recent developments by Youtuber Russian Geek (aka, Pixel Devil) and prolific rom-dumper CaH4e3 have revealed new information about this rare piece of Famicom hardware.  Russian Geek tracked down the adapter and one of its games on an online auction.  While creating his video, he sent both items to CaH4e3 for analysis.  CaH4e3 was able to reverse engineer them so that they are now playable within Famicom emulators.  We can now see what education-by-Famicom looked like!  Be sure to give Russian Geek’s video a watch (Russian with English subtitles), and consider joining his English Subtitles Patreon if you are able.


Famicase 2019 Exhibition

famicase 2019

The 2019 edition of the annual Famicase exhibition is now open.  The exhibition features Famicom cartridges with label art for fake games.  The 2019 entries are not yet archived on their website, but many entries can be found on social media.

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