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Famicom World provides some of the best, comprehensive articles on the old Family Computer, our investigations of sorts, looking into¬†Famicom mysteries, lingering questions and oddball occurrences. If you like the Famicom, you’ll like our articles.

Some of these articles are guides to buying the best pirated and unlicensed games, some are about obscure game developers, some are, well, just whatever we felt like researching and writing about.

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FW digs in.
FW digs in.

American Disk System

The games, the loading, the glitches, and the marketing would have hurt the poor FDS and sent it to video game Hell.

Buying Pirated Carts

I know. You've been on eBay before and watched helplessly as you were outbid by lunatic bidders on that neat looking pirate cart.

NES Cart Converters

Today, NES carts are searched out and raided of their converters, for with them they bring the glory of Famicom games to the NES.

Super Pig's Computer Magic

Super Pig wasn't a company of creative genius, but was active in the 1980s producing spin-offs of popular games.

Product Codes: FMC and FSC

Nintendo used FMC and FSC product codes to catalogue the Disk System items it produced.

Product Codes: HVC

Nintendo used a series of HVC product codes to catalogue what Family Computer items it produced.

Side-Opening Disk System box

The side-opening FDS box is styrofoam entirely encased by cardboard. The box opens at the side.

Pulse Line Cartridges

In the early days of the Family Computer, Nintendo released games with the same label design.

Bypassing the Disk System Lockout

Pirate companies avoided using the "Nintendo" lockout indentation by simply modifying "Nintendo" to say something different.

Lights On, Lights Off

The darn Disk System will endlessly play this little lights on, lights off scene until you insert a disk or shut off the system.

The Holy Grails

Prior to the Nintendo World Championships, however, Nintendo already had held similar competitions in Japan.

Famicom FM

You can try it out with a un-modded Famicom system, an FM radio receiver and a single RCA cable.

Mario Hacks

Mario is Nintendo's famous unofficial mascot, and he was stolen by piraters trying to make a quick buck.

Tecmo Theater Games

What if the Famicom could display cinematic or full-screen, comic styled graphics?

Super Mario Bros: 256 Worlds

256 Worlds is way more than 8 Worlds. Learn how to access all of them!